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These paintings are of objects which are ambiguous and unknown. The scale is unimportant, and the surface gives some the impression of heritage.

With hindsight, I realise why I try to make work about uncovering things that have a story to tell and have layers of history. I like objects that appear to serve no purpose but look like they should and are made from materials that have a natural surface texture. I have been on the fringes of archaeology for years without really understanding why, but now with age, these things begin to become clearer and reveal why an early interest has become a lifetime of exploration. Marks created by man or animal that appear, or reappear when conditions alter are a part of the larger landscape that are entrenched in my subconscious. Observing the natural cycles has become an important element of how I see and react to changes and they continue to challenge how I can record and interpret them.

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